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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 28, 2009 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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kennedy's loving knees. -- niece. -- our final speaker is senator kennedy's loving niece. [applause] >> thank you for all of the speakers and the gifts that you have given us. thank you, vicki. thank you, caroline, patrick, kiki, kara,
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gene. welcome to this library that teddy build and brought to life with his spirit and dedication to public service. as many of you know, over the last few years or for most of my adult life, one of my part-time jobs has been introducing teddy to crowds of people who already knew him incredibly well. although this process was unbelievably stressful for me, it was just another one of the guests that he gave me. when he saw that i was nervous, he would give me a pat on the back. when he knew that i was sad, he would call up and say, i have a great idea. maybe you would like to introduce me. off i would go on another is venture in public speaking. no matter how nervous i was, i
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knew that when i stepped down from the podium, i would kiget a big kiss and he would say, i am going to get you back to. [inaudible] it was a beautiful summer night, there was no wind. the sea was calm and the stars were out. there was one star that was brighter than all the rest. i know it was jupiter but it was a lot like a teddy. his colleagues have spoken about his work, his devotion to the senate, his devotion he took in helping others, his thoughtfulness and compassion, his courage and his commitment to the ideals of peace and justice that his brothers gave their lives for and that he fought for his entire life.
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his family was lucky to see his passion, his self discipline, and his generosity every single day. he had a special relationship with each of his 28 nieces and nephews and the 60 people that called him uncle teddy. he was there for every school trip to washington, every graduation, every baptism, every wedding, with his big heart, shoulders. he knew when we were having a tough time for a great time and he would show up and saying, it is time to go sailing. he said that we could win the next race, make the varsity team. it was ok if we did not, as long as we tried our best. he let us know that he believed in us so we should believe in ourselves. he taught by example and with love and he showed us to keep
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going. to keep working for what we believe in. he never told us what to do, he just did it himself and we learned from his example. in thahe was a creative spirit. he loved painting and singing and the natural world. he was always looking for new ways to bring people together to make a better world, to get things done. he was always doing things that other people could have done but he was somehow the one who did it. it is as true in the senate as it is in our family. i thought i would tell you a little bit about one of the last of examples. his creation of the annual family history trips. visiting historical sites is something that anyone can do but teddy native did something special. he realize that that a family reunion was wasted if it was just a cookout, so he made a chance to learn.
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in my childhood, these trips were relatively simple. an occasional visit to the nantucket really a museum or the western massachusetts campaign swing which included the factory where dollar bills were printed. anno visit was complete without the recitation of the midnight ride of paul revere. i thought that he was just entertain us i realized that he was passing down his belief that each of us has a chance to change the course of history. teddy live for the future. when a new generation can along, in typical teddy style, he decided to take it all to a new level. he wanted us all to share his love of being together, his passion for history, and to learn about the sacrifices upon
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which this country was built, so we would understand our own opportunities and obligations. he took us on with enthusiasm and organization. he was helped by the extraordinary team that are all here tonight and will be working for him forever. [applause] ted be eliminated the world around us and brought the past to life. the trips were open to everyone. no one ever wanted to stay home. we visited the monuments in washington by night and mount vernon by boat. we walked to the civil war battlefields in manassas, harpers ferry, gettysburg. in richmond, we saw the ironworks and the church where patrick henry made his speech. we went to fort mchenry in baltimore, a valley forge and
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constitution hall. and the walk across the brooklyn bridge. the culmination of this tradition was our trip to boston. we took a ride on the old railway and we learned about the cape cod canal. and we went to plymouth rock. when we got here, we visited the uss constitution, broker hill, paul revealed's house, the old north church, the church for grand mom was born, and the spot where the irish immigrants came ashore. we had a picnic at the boston harbor lighthouse. they were day trips only. we knew that to teddy, boston was special. he had a surprise for us, we were going to get a chance to camp out on thomson island. he did not tell us that for most of the year this facility is used for juvenile detention until after we had set up our tents. it was about 98 degrees, the
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bucs were out, it smelled like low tide and the planes were taking off and landing right over our heads. we figured he was trying to teach us something that after 16 hours, we were not sure what it was. in any event, that is when he decided that even he had had enough of history and snuffed out under cover of darkness on his secret get away boat and headed for the ristz. once again, he had it all figured out. yesterday, as we drove the same route, i talk about all of the gifts that he gave us an incredible journey took. i thought about how lucky i was to travel some of that journey with him and all the wonderful people that he embraced. so many of whom are here tonight. i thought about how he touched some many hearts and did so many things that only he could have done. i thought about all the things that he did that we all could
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do. we just figure that teddy would do them instead. as we drove through the boston that he loved and saw the thousands of people who loved him back, i realize that it was our final history trip together. now teddy has become a part of history and now we have to do all the things that he would have done, for us, for each other, and for our country. [applause] [applause] >> no celebration can close
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without a song as he closed them many times. oftentimes, he close to them with a song about his heritage of which he was so proud. tonight, to join the chorus, we have the distinct pleasure to have had two that the irish tenors lead us in that song. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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there is a tear in your eye and i am wondering why for it never should be there at all with such power in your smile sure a stone you beguile
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the so there's no teardrop that all when your sweet lilt the laughter's like some fairy song and your eyes twinkled like this can be you should laugh all the while and all other times smile and now a smile for me when irish eyes are smiling sure it's like a morning spring in the lilt of irish laughter you can hear the angels sing when irish hearts are happy all the world seems bright and
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gay when irish eyes are smiling sure, they steal your heart away the smile in your heart to makes the sun shine more bright [inaudible] for the springtime is the sweetest of all there is no time for regrets springtime is ours let a smile each chance we get when irish eyes are smiling
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sure it's like the morning of spring in the lilt of irish laughter, you can hear the angels sing when irish hearts are happy all the world seems bright and gay and when irish eyes are smiling they steal your heart away ♪ [applause] ♪
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when irish eyes are smiling it's like the morning of spring in nthe lilt of irish laughter you can hear the angels sing when irish arts are happy all the world seems bright and gay and when irish eyes are smiling they steal your heart away when irish eyes are smiling it's like the morning of spring in dolthe lilt of irish laughter you can hear the angels sing
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when irish hearts are happy all the world seems bright and gay and when irish eyes are smiling they steal your heart away shepard: ted kennedy is a piece of history. thank you for being with us. for now, good night. welcome to the now network. right now five coworkers
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[captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute greta: little jaycee lee dugard was kidnapped in 1991. the couple allegedly kept this girl prisoner for the past 18 years. philip garrido allegedly fathered two children j childrenaycee. east --- fathered two children with jaycee. i don't think this will be a heartwarming story. take me back to 1991. what happened when the child was kidnapped? >> she was on her way to catch a
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bus. she was walking up a hill in front of their house and her stepfather was out front. a car cut off jaycee, a woman reached out and grabbed her. her father tried to give chase but he was on a bicycle. he came back and call the police that she was never seen. greta: was her stepfather thought to be a suspect? >> there were members of his family that thought he had something to do with it because he was the last person to see her. some of them chipped in $6,000 to a private investigator who was investigating him. it led to the breakup of his marriage. the whole kidnapping has
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ruined their lives. greta: how far away was the child living from where she was kidnapped? >> the garridos are in jail. their house is in antioch. this started on tuesday. he went to uc-berkeley to try to share some of his beliefs about how he can speak in the tongs of angels. that raised the suspicion of the uc-berkeley campus police. the fact that he had these two little girls with him dressed like they were from little house on the prairie, they were behaving like robots. the police noticed their strange behavior and they did a background check and a notice that he was on parole and they call the parole officer and a parole officer said he doesn't have kids. that is when suspicions took off
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and that is when the story went into motion. greta: every single fact about the story is horrible but two of the children, this man had two children with the kidnap victim. has that been verified by the police or is this is what people are saying? >> that is what jaycee and garrido are saying. when she was 14, she gave birth to her first child. then she gave birth to another. greta: where they live in the backyard of this couple's house? >> they were living in a backyard within a backyard. it was a crazy set up. there was a false back to the backyard. a fence with a lot of junk and trees up against it and then a
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tarp covering a whole. if you crawled through that, there was a second back yard. the rooms were soundproofed. the kids were born there, they never went to a hospital. they had never been to doctors or to school. they have hardly been of some of that compound. greta: thank you. we are joined by a man who spent time with jaycee and he went inside the house. >> i am not been in the house more than a few times. i would come over here and i would wait by the gate. she would come out, she would
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talk to me. we would do our business in a matter of five or 10 minutes. unbelievable last time i met her was about a month and a half ago. greta: the guy is in custody, he is in some kind of printing business. you would go as a customer to the house. is that right? >> yes. that is right. greta: i presume you saw his wife but he would talk to -- but you would talk to jaycee. >> she was the one doing the work. she was doing the designing and sending me proofs. she was the person behind the scene running a printing press. greta: did anything seemed weird to you? >> not really. she was introduced to me as his daughter and he said he was
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running a family business. i did not see anything wrong with that. his wife was there, nancy. of course, the two younger girls. i did not see anything strange other than he does not entertain any friends or any one side of this house. he was kind of a religious fanatic. when they go to extremes, they don't like to associate with anyone. they think that they are better than anyone. philip appeared to be like that, i didn't think there is anything wrong with that. i did not see anything your strange -- anything strange. greta: what was his business like? >> i have no idea. whatever work i gave to them, they handled it very nicely and
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very professionally. they had an unbeatable rates. over the years, i referred him to some of my associates in the area. i told him that this is the guy, you can get a good job done and pay a reasonable amount. greta: thank you very much. >> thank you. greta: nevada is running television ads comparing california politicians to monkeys. california is not happy and they are striking back. this is the world record for longevity and endurance. and one of the most technologically advanced automobiles on the planet. this is the 9th generation e-class. this is mercedes-benz.
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hard work. always looking out for you small business owners. you can trust us. we love you. >> get the monkey off to your back, relocate or business to las vegas. -- your business to las vegas. greta: california does not like that one at all. >> of nevada is running ads here in california banking businesses to move to las vegas. nevada businesses should be moving to california. what happens in vegas stage in california but what happens in california makes the world around. maybe that is why we are the golden state and they are the silver state. we don't settle for second-best. greta: we are joined by steve moore. >> i love this. i told you that california would
10:31 pm
retaliate. if you go on the nevada development corp., they have about three or four different advertisements they run in california. this is a total waste of money. greta: this will draw a lot of attention. they are funny, they are clever, they are to states fighting. nevada has a 12.5% unemployment rate. >> california has the highest corporate and personal income tax in the country. businesses can escape by regulation and high taxes by moving to nevada. every business in california knows that already. greta: it sounds like they're dragging this out of the basement. this is funny.
10:32 pm
the psychological impact of making people feel better will be good. >> it would be better to get to their economy in order rather than spending money on this. california has a lot of burdens. i've talked to a lot of businessmen who moved out of california and they say you cannot do business. the regulation is too high. they treat you like you are an enemy of the state. when they go to nevada, they roll out the red carpet. greta: what is the problem there and if it is such a good place to go? >> they overbuild. the population has exploded and there is a lot of overbuilding. there are many foreclosures. nevada will come back. greta: who do you blame for the california problem? >> i blamed the liberals.
10:33 pm
they have huge problems with labor unions. they are driving out to their small business owners and wealth producers because they feel like those people are atm machines. i think that california is in big trouble if they don't do this. on us what's in the girl has a reform commission which could make a big deal. -- arnold schwarzenegger has a reform commission which could make a big deal. greta: if you really deal with the high taxes they're raising, if you do that, people will leave. >> things are so bad, a surf board company had to move out of california. you cannot even make surfboards in california. this is not the end of this, i bet this will go on back and forth.
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greta: [unintelligible] >> california starts the year with a fiscal deficit. greta: the state has a lot of problems. now for the lifebove vote. go to our website and tell us if you think that the parties are having an impact. bernie madoff is accused of swindling investors that of millions. he tried to pull a fast one on his wife. he had a mistress. she is telling all. muammar qaddafi wants to pitch his tent in new jersey. many people are fighting to stop it. there is news tonight.
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call or go online now to get started. greta: there's much more ahead but first let's go to our new york news room. >> nasa is ready for a third try this week. storms have left the area leaving clear skies. nasa is keeping an eye on the weather. the fuel valves worked perfectly during today's test. right now, it is 60% go for the scheduled blastoff. keep it right here, we will have live coverage. barack obama and the first lady leaving their vacation to attend the funeral for ted kennedy. president obama is expected to deliver the eulogy.
10:39 pm
check out our website, for the latest news. greta: and north korean ship carrying weapons bound for iran has been seized by the uae. this violates a resolution by the u.n. and included rocket propelled grenade and missile launchers. the items were destroyed. bernie madoff's mistress is talking. he is behind bars. apparently he told lies to his wife. his mistress has written a book. earlier, she went on the record. nice to meet you. you have a book, you were the
10:40 pm
other secret. what is thhow did you first meet him? >> we met in a business meeting. there was a major donor and part of the stimulatiostipulation wat would be held by bernie madoff. it was a meeting to figure out the logistics. greta: in the book you talk about an affair with bernard madoff. that did not start off as professional. >> no, it started off as professional and then it became physical in nature after five years. greta: were you infatuated with him were interested in him? >> well, he was with me. he made it very clear that he would like to take it further.
10:41 pm
i made it clear that at that point that there was not really -- i was not really into that. i was not interested in having at a fair. gret-- an affair. greta: why was this okay? you had worked with him for five years and then you had an affair. you certainly did it, i understand you have remorse but at the time. >> at the time, i was having problems with my husband penn to my life can check -- i was having problems with my husband. my life was changing. greta: what would you say about
10:42 pm
bernie madoff in 1995? >> i would say he was a good friend. if i had a problem, i would feel comfortable calling him. greta: you have lost personal money. >> i lost money. greta: you were wiped out > >> yes. greta: what do you think of him? >> i think that he should not be among normal human beings. i think he should be kept in a cage behind bars. i think that he cared for no one. greta: were you in love with him? >> no, there's no place for to go. greta: why do you write in your
10:43 pm
book that you lost your entire fortune? >> that would be an exaggeration. greta: you lost your family members, your apartment, your investments. you took on enormous financial hit. you don't say the amount. >> because it really doesn't matter what you of lost. what matters is that you have lost. some people have lost $100, if this was their last money, does this make any more or less important than someone who lost a million dollars? greta: when you stood in court to make your statement, did you look at him? >> i would have but his back was to us. greta: so he was not looking at you?
10:44 pm
>> no, he had his back to us. i think he is sorry he got caught. greta: there are stories that he is sick. is this true? >> i hope he is not. i want him to lift a long life in prison. -- live a long life in prison. greta: there is nothing in you that feel sorry for him? >> there was a moment that he was overwhelmed during sentencing. he did not have his wife or children or anyone there. no one had written a letter for him. at that moment, there was a bit of pity that i felt. the other feelings overwhelms that little bit of pity i felt. greta: did you see the pictures of ruth madoff after she got
10:45 pm
thrown off of her -- out of her apartment? >> yes, i did. greta: what did you think? >> i don't feel sorry for her. i think that part of her ignored the situation. she benefited from a lot of other people's money. greta: and do you have any reason to know or to think -- any indication that she was part of this or was aware of it and look to the other way? >> i don't have any true knowledge but if i was to give an opinion, i would say that she looked the other way. greta: what makes you say that? >> because she was a financial person.
10:46 pm
nothing got by her. she was involved in this business for a long time. i do feel that when everything said and done, this has started a long time ago. greta: how do you think he is going to do? >> well, he is managing. i read he had cancer. i don't know how much credibility that anyone can put into we are reading. greta: do you hate him? >> yes. he stole my family. he stole my dreams. he still dreams for all of these people. he was an equal opportunity destroyer. it was about him and histamines and morality and everything else paid second chorafiddle.
10:47 pm
-- it was about him and his needs. greta: up next, people want to keep muammar qaddafi from pitching his tent in new jersey. this man was stimulated a public for his affair. -- humiliated in public for his affair. -% [ female announcer ] discover seven
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powerful anti-aging therapies that reduce the look of lines and pores, even tone, brighten, smooth, hydrate, and lock-in moisture, all in one clever little package of total effects.
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greta: the libyan president muammar qaddafi is coming to the united states. he is speaking in less than one month at the u.n.. during his trip, he had planned to stay in new jersey. he had expected to pitch his bedouin tent.
10:51 pm
people are angry about his trip because of a celebration that was given in this country for the bomber of lockerbie. there is news, muammar qaddafi will not be going to new jersey. the property is not allowed to be used. this could be your destiny if you cheat on your wife. a woman in new jersey came up with an interesting punishment. he has to stand in a busy shopping center that says "i cheated, this is my punishment." he thought his wife was kidding. guess who was having a garage sale, arnold schwarzenegger. this is to generate revenue for the state. he's selling everything from cars, computers.
10:52 pm
the sale kicked off at a warehouse in sacramento. customers were greeted by a terminator mannequin. now, the results from the vote. you went to our website and answered this question, do you think that tea parties are having an impact? 98% of you said yes, 2% know. -- 2% no. we will have all the latest next week. up next, senator ted kennedy's and friends and family gathered for his memorial service. chris dodd, or hatch, john mccain in their own words. . offers an epa estimated 33 mpg highway? they never heard that.
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erqiñç friends and family said goodbye to senator ted kennedy
10:57 pm
at a memorial service in boston, massachusetts. he spent 47 yearsç of his lifes ça united states senator. he is survived by his wife, a friends and family agreed balanced off his life when they got married in 1992 -- ççwho friends and family agree balanced off his life. >> ♪ çgodç bless america >> there was one star in the sky that was brighter than all of the rest. i know it was jupiter,ç but it çwas acting on a lot like tedd. >> we disagree on most issues, but i and admired his passion -- weç disagreedç on most issuest i did my ear and his passion. -- i admired hisç passison.
10:58 pm
>>ç ♪ to fight the unbeatable foe to bearçç with unbearable sorw ♪ >> when i was coming out of surgery, i got a call from teddy. well,çç between going from car surgery and doing town hall meetings, you made a great choice, he said. >> ♪ to tryç whenç your arms e too weary ♪ >> people have called teddy and the odd couple, which was certainly true. have had less in common.
10:59 pm
other times, in committee, on the floor, even in the press, tedvyç would lay in to meet wih the most liberal rhetoric you could imagine, but just minutes later, he would come and ask," how did i do, ç-- layç in to with the most liberal rhetoric you could imagine, but just minutes later, he would come and ask,çç "how did i do, arn?" greta: there is a brand new feature on it is onthe upper right-had section. all for the weekend, go there and go to the gretawire forum. do not miss out. ççwe will see you monday nighr "on the record." until then,


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